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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Windows Updates on TriCaster

NewTek has updated their policy on doing Windows Updates on TriCasters.

NewTek Knowledge Base Article w/ link

Due to the recent (May 2017) ransomware attack that affected multiple Windows users, Microsoft has made the security patch available for Embedded systems, such as the TriCaster. 

They are suggesting users install the March, 2017 Security Only Quality Update for Windows Embedded Standard 7 (KB4012212) On TC x50, x55, 410, x60 8000 and Mini Products.

TC300 users can probably safely just do a standard windows update which should include Vista Service Pack 2.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Awards Are Rolling In UPDATE!

NewTek, as usual, is collecting awards at NAB.

TV Technology Best In Show  (TriCaster TC1)

NewTek is proud and honored to announce that TriCaster® TC1 is the recipient of the NewBay Media Best of Show Award from TV Technology at NABShow 2017. This is the second Best of Show honor for TriCaster TC1 at NAB 2017, and the fourth overall for NewTek at this show.

Studio Daily Best In Show (NewTek IP Series)
Judges were impressed by NewTek’s forward-looking technology, which helps broadcasters get legacy video equipment on the network as they begin to build video-over-IP environments. “NewTek’s IP Series is an aggressive move into the control room that demonstrates how software-driven, GPU-accelerated production techniques will change the industry,” said StudioDaily Executive Editor Bryant Frazer. “Broadcasters can use IP Series hardware with NewTek’s NDI technology to put legacy equipment on the network and build out IP workflow using affordable equipment.”

Produ Technology Award for IP Contribution to Video Production (NDI)
NewTek is honored to announce that Produ, leader in information and contacts in the entertainment and innovation in Latin America with 28 years in the market, today at NABShow 2017 named NewTek NDI™ as the recipient of their Technology Award in the category IP Contribution to Video Production. 

Digital Video Best In Show (TriCaster TC1)
TriCaster TC1, the 4K|60p 16-input integrated live production system, was selected from among nominees at the 2017 NAB Show by NewBay Media’s panel of industry experts as notable for its design, features, cost efficiency and performance in serving professional users. 
Red Shark Best Live Production Product (TriCaster TC1)
Red Shark Best IP Product (NewTek NDI)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

NewTek and Vizrt Team Up for NVG1

NewTek-Vizrt IP Graphics Server, a real-time 4K-capable 3D graphics system designed for deep integration with the NewTek IP Series and the new TriCaster® TC1 video production systems.

Viz Engine The Ultimate 3D Compositor. Viz Trio More Than a CG

The NVG1 is a 1U graphics server running Viz Trio/Viz Engine with integrated NDI for use with the NewTek IP Series and the TriCaster TC1. I brings all the power of Vizart's real-time 3Dgraphics and CG to the NewTek NDI ecosystem.

Available in either single or dual-channel configurations, the NVG1 can output in resolutions and frame rates up to 2160p60. The system will also ship with user customizable graphics packages for news and sports from New York-based broadcast design house, Polygon Labs Customized graphics packages are also available from NewTek professional services working in conjunction with the design team at Polygon Labs.

NewTek-Vizrt IP Graphics Server, a real-time 4K-capable 3D graphics system designed for deep integration with the NewTek IP Series and the new TriCaster® TC1 video production systems.
Available Q2, price TBA.

Digital Arts Top 10 Yet Again!

Digital Arts has been named a NewTek Top 10 Elite Partner for, I think, the eighth time.Thanks to all our customers, we literally couldn't have done it without you!

Jeff McFadyen (NewTek Director of Sales) on the left and Chuck Silber (NewTek COO) on the right. That's Kris and I in the center obviously.

More Thoughts on the TriCaster TC1

Take a moment and think about what NewTek has achieved with the new TriCaster TC1.

NewTek has upped the ante big time. The new TC1 not only brings all the functionality of the Advanced Edition TriCasters to 4k60p it adds new and exiting things like dual channel 4k streaming and multiple Skpe inputs. And is does it with a machine that starts at about the same price as a TriCaster 460.

It can be expanded to up to sixteen 4k60p inputs. You might not realize it but a single 4k60p input requires eight (8) times the bandwidth of a standard 1080i signal.So this was a monumental undertaking.

There's quite a bit of half-baked 4K stuff floating around out there, some of it from the big names and priced like houses. NewTek didn't do this they gave us all the features and more at a full 60p not a stuttery 30 frames a second. The TC1 has four zero latency re-entrant 4k M/Es, no combining all the HD M/Es to make one UHD M/E for NewTek. It has Isocording, graphics, virtual sets, media players, audio processing, streaming, IP video integration, built in Skype...the mind boggles.

And the real stunner is that it's priced like a TC460.

Let that sink in: NewTek doubled the number of external inputs, doubled the number of SDI outputs, doubled the number of streaming channels, added the functionality of two TalkShows, does it all at 4k60p and didn't raise the price.

Get yours from Digital Arts 1-800-692-6442

NAB Press Roundup

Just a few of the media mentions of the TC1, IP series and NDI around NAB

#NDICentral to follow on Twitter

Red Shark Revolutionary 4K Tricaster
Red Shark  Alternate on-ramp to IP

Streaming Media
Video Maker
TV Technology
Creative Cow - First Impresssions
TVB Europe

Monday, April 10, 2017

It's a Golden Age I Tell Ya...

I haven't been blogging much of late mostly because the business has been so busy but it's NAB season again and new product announcements are starting to fly. NewTek has been busy and I think there may be more announcements coming.

About a year ago I wrote a post called The Tao of NewTek where I looked back on NewTek's history of innovation in the wake of the introduction of NDI. Since then events have proven my point with the release of a bunch of NDI applications, the IP Series aimed at high-end users with up to 44 inputs, the Media DS streaming server, the Talkshow VS4000 multi video call unit. And now the TriCaster TC1 series--NewTek is on a roll.

With the current product line up it's possible to set up the most sophisticated live production system imaginable. The really cool thing is you can start simple and build up capabilities as you need them (or can afford them).

The video entrepreneur can start with a TriCaster Mini or a TC410, add  a few cameras then build up a clientele to get some cash flow going then add an input module or a second TC to expand the system. If you're doing a show that has call ins start with a TC1 with it's integrated Skype inputs and you're good to go. As needs expand so can your system this is the miracle of NDI.

The MediaDS is an under appreciated piece of equipment. Anyone who needs to stream to multiple viewers on their local LAN like schools, hospitals and other facilities can drop a MediaDS on your network, hook up a video source and stream to any number of users. You get the power of the Wowsa streaming server with the ease-of use that NewTek is famous for.

Talkshow is another great thing. You have a choice of the VS100 with a single Skype input or the VS4000 with four and now the TC1's two integrated Skype sources. Add live video call-ins to your show and leverage Microsoft's Skype to your advantage. This is a great way to interact with your audience, bring in remote interview subjects or even co-hosts without regard to geography. Skype is available on every platform so your potential remote guest list is almost unlimited.

So the bottom line is is if you have an idea for a show, be it webcast, or for internal use or for actual broadcast Digital Arts and NewTek can help you make it a reality.

As Tim Jenison, founder of NewTek says "Someday your favorite show will be made by you or someone you know", well the time is NOW--spread the word, get your ideas out there, build an audience the sky's the freakin' limit.

Let's talk: Digital Arts 1-800-692-6442