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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Next Gen VT Wishlist

I've posted this to the NewTek Dealer Forum and sent it in as a feature request. What do you think?

HD – 720p 1080i 1080p - goes without saying but I'll say it anyway.

A Better Name - no one knows what a VT is and has trouble understanding it on the phone DT? VP? Tie it into the TriCaster line if you like.

Straight ahead, multiple, down-stream keys - I want lower thirds and a bug over my transitions.

Expandable input channels
– the current VT hardware supports only three input channels I want to be able to add more. This would be great for:

Internal Routing Matrix
– I might want to capture without the keys, I might want to capture an iso'd input, I want to feed a camera to two inputs on the switcher at the same time.

Sub Switchers
– Route the output of one switcher into an input of another. I want to do DVEs between lower thirds and do a full switch for my PIP.

Expandable output channels
– Maybe I want a main out, an out sans keys, an out of just the keys, maybe DVI maybe SD analog let me configure a system to the customers needs.

I/O via ethernet with alpha
– Let me dedicate a machine to CG and feed it into the DSK of another machine. This would also work great with the sub-switcher concept.

Modular Audio Hardware
– Most users use one stereo pair for input and one for output so why buy the rest. On the other hand if the mixer were robust enough some would pay for a mondo audio BOB (and with the ethernet I/O it could run on a dedicated machine if necessary - can you say audio plugins?

No analog audio hardware inside the computer
- keep it out and keep it quiet.

Well documented, full featured, third party developer interface
– So when the new CG still doesn't work :) there is hope that a third party can develop a well integrated replacement.

Integrated MIDI Machine Control
- Both send and receive

With dual core machines dropping to sub $1000 prices it would be nice to spread the production process out across multiple machines/operators and stop having to make excuses about the VT hardware limitations. Not enough resources? then throw another card in the machine or stick another machine on the network.

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