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Monday, June 16, 2008

Apology for the lack of posting

Southern Indiana has been hit with severe flooding as have many other places. My house was relatively undamaged by the flooding aside from a couple of inches of water in the basement but my drive way was completely washed out when my four acre pond overflowed. I now have a 42 foot wide, 20 foot deep ravine crossing my driveway. See pictures here. This makes access to the house more than a little difficult. It also took out our electrical, water and phone service.

As you can imagine I've had little free time while we try to stabilize the pond too prevent further erosion. I'll be posting pictures eventually of the sand bagging we are did this weekend. Things should be returning to a more normal schedule and hopefully regular posting will resume.


Philip Nelson said...

I hope the flood waters stay away from you!

Good luck withthe Pond Stabilization!!


Jeff Cupp said...

Thanks, looks like FEMA came through for us with a little money.