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Thursday, October 9, 2008

NewTek Releases DataLink

Today NewTek announced the release of DataLink™, a TriCaster™ and VT[5]™ plug-in that links data from external feeds, files or databases to display real-time, rapidly-changing information, such as statistics, scores, times and other dynamic information.

"NewTek engineers understand the pressures involved with producing and switching a fast-paced event," said Dr. Andrew Cross, executive vice president of engineering. NewTek Inc.  "By automatically providing accurate real-time information, DataLink reduces stress and enables producers to focus on other key aspects of the event."

DataLink provides dedicated support for several different brands of existing systems, including Daktronics®, IDS™, OES™ and White Way™, and is compatible with any application that supports connection strings, including database servers. (For a complete listing of compatible applications, see

I'll have a detailed review once I figure out a good way to borrow a scoreboard!

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