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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NewTek Lightwave Core

More Details to follow so watch this space!

LightWave CORE is the next generation of LightWave software, which, when released later this year, will retail for $1,495. The upgrade to LightWave CORE for registered v9.x users will be $695 upon release.


What is the HardCORE membership?

HardCORE is a new membership only organization available for 9.x users which will give them the benefits listed below.

* exclusive access to ongoing software builds
* special pricing
* copy of annual Q4 product release
* a private forum for discussions among themselves and the LightWave development team
* exclusive information updates
* training videos
* VIP invitations to special events
* personalized membership card
* their own custom t-shirt

How much is the HardCORE membership?

* Registered LightWave 9.x users may purchase the membership for US$495. There is an introductory charter price for registered v9.x customers available for US$395 until March 31, 2009.
* Registered LightWave 8.x users (or earlier versions) may upgrade to v9.x for US$495 which will automatically enroll them into the program for one year.
* Non LightWave owners may purchase a full unit for US$895 which will automatically enroll them into the program for one year.
* Non LightWave owners, who own a competitive product, may purchase a full unit for US$595 until March 31, 2009 which will automatically enroll them into the program for one year. Note: The competitive upgrade will no longer be available for purchase after this date.


Rally1 said...

*All fees will go towards securing a more reliable internet connection so our site and video stream don't crash.

Richard Hagen said...

So they're trying the same sort of revenue stream idea as E-On Software, except they're maintaining a level of SANE pricing instead of E-On's crack-addled pricing.

Devin said...
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Anonymous said...

$700 on an upgrade for a $1500 piece of software? That's not sane to me.

Anonymous said...

Give Newtek credit....They are passionate about upgrading their software to a higher level. They understand what the artist wants and needs. When is the last time Autodesk (3DSMAX and Maya) has been passionate about upgrading their material?

Anonymous said...

subscriptions? I waited two weeks for that? no thanks NT - buh, bye

Anonymous said...

LightWave CORE is an object oriented framework, written in C++.
It is powerful. LightWave CORE was written from the ground up to leverage the modern computing landscape and beyond. It works great in 32 bit, and is a monster in 64 bit. It is fully multi-threaded, multi-processor and GPU aware.
LightWave CORE is multi-platform. LightWave CORE operates under all modern Windows flavors, from XP to 7, from 32 to 64. LightWave CORE is also a Macintosh COCOA application, and last, but certainly not least, linux.
LightWave CORE is flexible, and extensible. Any component created via the CORE SDK can install and become available to any other portion of the application.
LightWave CORE is built upon the concept of FULL ACCESS. CORE is developed with the same SDK that third parties will use.
LightWave CORE leverages industry standards wherever possible. We have built the SDK and framework with C++; we have build the UI toolkit upon the industry standard Qt Toolkit from TrollTech/Nokia. We have chosen Python as the CORE language, but other languages can be added via SWIG bindings. The LightWave CORE scene file format is based upon COLLADA.
LightWave CORE is unified. All functionality is under one roof; you want to model and animate together? Go ahead. You want to model separately as before? You can do that to.
LightWave CORE is the best of what LightWave is known for: ease of use, fantastic rendering quality and speed, and a great modeling environment.

Anonymous said...

So when does the show begin?

Anonymous said...

Point releases are no longer free? Bah.

Some people joked that Lightwave would be bought out by Autodesk, but this is almost as bad.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Cupp said...

The new URL is up, UStream was the problem.

Anonymous said...

CORE images from the webcast: