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Friday, December 18, 2015

Should I Upgrade to TriCaster Advanced Edition?

Update - NDI is shipping!

I keep getting asked "should I upgrade to Advanced Edition?" Here are the top ten reasons why:

10) Hundreds of small improvements, tweaks and new features. All future feature releases will only be available in AE.

9) Audio improvements - New routing controls simplify setup and reduce chances of errors. Dante audio networking. Noise gates. Updated VU meters.

8) Built-in DataLink - update CG externally or even automatically from external data sources like RSS feeds, databases and web browsers.

7) New streaming encoder - Supports higher resolution, simpler configuration. Legacy modes are still available.

6) Auto color correction - Helps keep all your cameras color matching even when lighting conditions change.

5) More sophisticated macros - Run external macros, create multi-step macros (pause until cued) or even trigger macros automatically when certain switcher functions are used e.g. run a macro whenever a particular source is selected on the program bus.

4) More and better keyers - On the 460 and 860 you get 4 DSKs and 4 keyers in the M/Es. On the Mini and 410 you get a second keyer in the M/Es. Keyers now include boarder effects. M/Es now include Augmented reality. Load a graphic element into a virtual set using the M/E's key and "stick" it in place e.g. create a custom logo graphic and afix it to the front of the virtual desk so it will remain in place even if you zoom or pan the set. Set keyframes for position/scaling/rotation to create custom fly-ins and outs is coming in January.

3) Instant replay functionality - add clips (from any record stream) to the DDR with a single click with the ability to change camera angles after-the-fact. Real-time editing tool in the DDR so you can easily trim and split clips to create highlight reels.

2) M/E re-entry - The 460 and 860 gain re-entrant M/Es, in other words you can now use one M/E as one of the sources in a another to create complex multi-layer FX.

1) Advanced IP workflow (NDI) Is here! - Send and receive real-time low, latency video over IP, expands the number of sources and outputs on the TriCaster. Hundreds of manufacturers on board for industry wide support.

As you can see the answer to the original question is "Yes, you should definitely get Advanced Edition".

Advanced Edition is available for TriCaster Mini, 410, 460, 860 and 8000. Most TriCaster 455 and 855 models can be upgraded to x60 and then to AE. Call us at 1-800-692-6442 for details.

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