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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

More Thoughts on the TriCaster TC1

Take a moment and think about what NewTek has achieved with the new TriCaster TC1.

NewTek has upped the ante big time. The new TC1 not only brings all the functionality of the Advanced Edition TriCasters to 4k60p it adds new and exiting things like dual channel 4k streaming and multiple Skpe inputs. And is does it with a machine that starts at about the same price as a TriCaster 460.

It can be expanded to up to sixteen 4k60p inputs. You might not realize it but a single 4k60p input requires eight (8) times the bandwidth of a standard 1080i signal.So this was a monumental undertaking.

There's quite a bit of half-baked 4K stuff floating around out there, some of it from the big names and priced like houses. NewTek didn't do this they gave us all the features and more at a full 60p not a stuttery 30 frames a second. The TC1 has four zero latency re-entrant 4k M/Es, no combining all the HD M/Es to make one UHD M/E for NewTek. It has Isocording, graphics, virtual sets, media players, audio processing, streaming, IP video integration, built in Skype...the mind boggles.

And the real stunner is that it's priced like a TC460.

Let that sink in: NewTek doubled the number of external inputs, doubled the number of SDI outputs, doubled the number of streaming channels, added the functionality of two TalkShows, does it all at 4k60p and didn't raise the price.

Get yours from Digital Arts 1-800-692-6442

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