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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Live Control LC-11

People keep asking me exactly what the LiveControl LC-11 actually controls. I still haven't got my hands on one but I do have a nice big photograph of one:
Beats the 3D renderings in the brochure (which weirdly enough have 12 buttons on the buses).

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Lotus said...

My name is mr ARNOWO from jakarta Indonesia.
I use this new LC 11, and I used work with RS8 Aswell.
Something I need to ask you with the button TAKE and AUTO of LC 11 working in my VT5. Why that button goes to the DSK switch, not the switching betweeen LIVE and PREVIEW ?
And for the Buttton TAKE OVERLAY and FADE OVERLAY ? Why when I push FADE OVERLAY, the DSK still come up with Cut, not fading ? Thankyou