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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More NAB 2012 News

NewTek also unveiled the new TriCaster 855 and TriCaster 455. These units replace the 850, 850 Extreme and the 450, 450 Extreme respectively. The 855 and 455 are shipping now so there will be no waiting.

The new units have all the Extreme features including the Isocorder technology to record multiple video streams and the advanced audio features (audio grouping, compressor/limiters etc.) plus some new features.

Native Quicktime support is standard. Plus Mac versions of the NewTek SpeedHQ codecs are available now.

The new TransWarp effects engine is also included to you can create 3D warping transitions with sound effects using the included editor. The editor includes a second license so you can run it on a second machine.

A new and improved IVGA is also included. You can now specify regions of the screen to grab and iVGA now supports sound.

A lot of the underlying TriCaster code has also been massaged to make operation more robust.

The best part is that NewTek has given these units a great price. The 855 including the 850CS controller is only $29,995 and the 455 is priced at $19,995 including the 450CS controller. These prices are actually a slight reduction from the old non-Extreme machines so once again NewTek throws down the price/performance challenge.

For users who already own various 450 and 850 models there are upgrades available, give us a call for details.


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