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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Local Sports - Action Indiana

So we at Digital Arts are putting our money where our mouth is and, along with our partner Freemark Productions, are starting a company to produce local sports television. HomeTown Sports Indiana (ComCast and BrightHouse Channel 81 here in Central Indiana) has agreed to carry our programming. We'll also be on-demand streaming at so check us out. I'm hoping to have announcements of actual programming schedules etc. soon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

TriCaster XD300 Specs Released

Pristine Video and Audio
  • End-to-end HD 1080i video pipeline, including effects and virtual sets
  • Video processing employs 32-bit floating-point precision, 4:4:4:4 sampling and component (YCbCrA) color (well beyond industry standard 10-bit)
  • Four-channel audio processed at 96kHz, 24-bit floating point
  • Extensive audio input/output flexibility including SDI-Embedded, AES/EBU, and XLR/phone connectors
  • All video inputs can be proc amped and keyed, including titles and DDRs
  • Integrated waveform/vectorscope
  • Individual processing controls for both Main and VGA outputs
  • Capture video or stills with support for full 4:2:2 up to 1920x1080 resolution
  • Next-generation interface design with key live production tools readily available, supported by quick access to configure each source
  • Full 64-bit native architecture

Virtual Switcher Inputs and Live Virtual Sets
  • Virtual Switcher inputs support multiple ‘mix/effects bus’-like preset compositions
  • Populate multiple virtual inputs from a single camera source (and switch between them)
  • Each source has Processing Amplifier, keying and alpha channel support
  • Layer two live video or CG sources (internal or supplied by network)
  • Independent zoom and pan controls for each source that make composition easy
  • Add a third source as a dedicated overlay channel with independent transitions
  • Optionally insert live video inputs into lifelike 3D live virtual sets with ease
  • Zoom the virtual camera smoothly and easily (manual or automatic control)
  • Presets provide quick convenient access to innumerable virtual input setups 
Production Flexibility

  • HD-SDI and HD component plus SD-SDI, component, Y/C and composite input/output
  • Freely intermix source resolutions and aspect ratios (including HD and SD video)
  • Simultaneous HD and SD video output
  • Network input supports computer screen and CG sources from external computers (input live Internet video-conferencing using a networked laptop that is running popular software)
  • Simple live streaming with Flash™ or Windows Media™
  • Capture live production and/or streaming output on 36 hours of internal storage
  • Genlock input for broadcast system integration supports bi-level and tri-level references
  • On-screen ISO monitoring for all switcher inputs (internal and external)
  • Enhanced secondary video output for projector or second monitor (up to WUXGA) offers varied displays including Program, Preview, Effects, all ISO sources, Scopes, and more
  • Dedicated upstream overlay with transitions with per source positioning, scaling, and color processing
  • Two additional downstream overlay channels with individual transitions, scaling, position, keying and alpha channel, and color processing
  • Sophisticated control system for transitions, automated playback, overlays and more
  • Next generation LiveMatteHD™ for incredibly clean real-time keying
  • Convenient user presets available throughout the application, including media player playlists, virtual inputs, and audio mixers
  • Integrated audio mixer with audio-follows-video and talk over options
  • Auxiliary output supports external mixing of sound from integrated media players
  • Edit title pages even while displayed, including changes to fonts, text sizes and more
  • Media player autoplay allows easy on-air cueing of titles, video clips and more
  • DDR provides realtime dynamic playback speed control for clip playback
  • New session system allows convenient storage and recall of complete configuration and playlist setups for different shows, locations, etc
  • Easy access to every important control during live production
  • Support for LiveControl™ LC-11 switching control surface
  • Extensive file format support and new transcoder utility simplifies media import
  • Integrated professional CG/Titling and real-time editing applications

TriCaster PowerUp Program

Take advantage of the PowerUp Program and you can add a TriCaster XD300 to your production facility and save up to $7,000 on your purchase.

For a very limited time any TriCaster BROADCAST™, TriCaster STUDIO™ or TriCaster PRO™ owner who purchased their new TriCaster system January 15, 2009 through November 27, 2009 qualifies for the NewTek TriCaster XD300 PowerUp Program.

TriCaster BROADCAST owners qualify to purchase a TriCaster XD300 for $7,995 ($7,000 off MSRP)
TriCaster STUDIO owners qualify to purchase a TriCaster XD300 for $9,995 ($5,000 off MSRP)
TriCaster PRO owners qualify to purchase a TriCaster XD300 for $11,995 ($3,000 off MSRP) 

Rules and Requirements:

  • TriCaster XD300 PowerUp system must be ordered between October 1, 2009 and December 23, 2009
  • Must provide proof of qualifying TriCaster purchase during the Upgrade Guarantee promotional period (January 15, 2009 through November 27, 2009)
  • Your TriCaster system must be registered with NewTek, and valid serial number must be provided at time of order
  • Only one TriCaster XD300 PowerUp system can be purchased for each qualifying TriCaster bought during the promotional period
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer
  • PowerUp promotion ends on December 23, 2009
Or take advantage of the TriCaster Upgrade Promotion]

Call Us At 1-800-692-6442 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Camera Bundles

Update: More Stuff added!

Digital Arts in conjunction with NewTek is now offering four new TriCaster/Camera bundles

LIVE Production Bundle 1
1 Tricaster
1 copy SpeedEDIT
3 Canon Vixia HF s100 Camcorders
3 Canon 2.7" LCD Viewfinder Hoods
3 Canon Hot Shoe Mikes
3 BP-827 Battery Packs
3 Petrol PMDCB Camera bags
1 Custom Petrol TriCaster Bag

LIVE Production Bundle 2

1 TriCaster Pro
1 Copy SpeedEDIT
1 LiveSet Pack 1
1 Graphics Pack Volume 1
3 Canon XHA1 Comcorders
3 BP-970G Batteries
3 0373 VitecTripods
3 Pertol PWB-HDV Camera Bags
1 Custom Petrol TriCaster Bag

Live Production Bundle 3
1 TriCaster STUDIO
1 Live Control LC-11 and 1 TimeWarp
1 Copy LiveText
1 Copy SpeedEDIT
1 LiveSet Pack 1 and 1 Graphics Pack Volume 1
3 Canon XA A1 Camcorders
3 BP 970G Batteries
3 Vitec 0373 Tripods
3 Petrol PWB-HDV Camera Bag and 1  Custom TriCaster Bag

Live Production Bundle 4
1 Live Control LC-11 and 1 TimeWarp
1 Copy LiveText
1 Copy SpeedEDIT
1 LiveSet Pack 1 and 1 Graphics Pack Volume 1
3 Canon XH G1S Camcorders
3 BP 970G Batteries
3 FSB8TV2 Tripods (75mm Bowl Pozi Loc Tripods & FSB 8 Fluid head)
3 Petrol PWB-HDV Camera Bags and 1 TriCaster Bag

Petrol TriCaster Bag:

Call Us for pricing 1-800-692-6442

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Tally Light System For TriCaster

Digital Arts is pleased to announce our new Tally Light controller and Tally Lights for the NewTek TriCaster and VT[5] families of video switchers.

The Tally Light Controller TLC-6 adds a sophisticated tally system to your TriCaster or VT. Compatible with all TriCaster models with 2.0 or higher software and VT[3] and above. The TLC - 6 in conjunction with the TL-1 tally lights adds status and 'talent' tally lights to any camera.

Each of the six output channels gives you four LED outputs - Program (Live), Preview and Effects bus indicators. Plus an output for a separately controlled tally for the on camera 'talent'. The Talent tally can be software selected to illuminate when the camera is on the program bus, the preview bus, the effects bus or any combination.

In addition to the LED outputs each channel also includes two contact closure outputs that can be connected to most camera CCUs for program and preview tally.

If you're not using CCUs (which usually provide intercom connections) you can configure the TLC-6 to pass through intercom signals over the tally cable. The TLC-6 has an XLR connector to connect directly into your intercom system.

The controller also has two GPI outputs. The first provides a contact closure every time the source on the program (Live) bus is changed the second does the same for the Effects bus. You can use these outputs to trigger any GPI compatible outboard equipment.

VT users who have more than six cameras can connect up to four TLC-6 controllers for a total of 24 outputs.

The TLC-6 uses inexpensive RJ-45 (Ethernet type) cables to make it easy to build custom length cables using off the shelf parts and requiring no soldering skills.

The Tally Light One in conjunction with the TLC–6 provides three status LEDs for the camera operator that indicate whether the camera is active on the Program. Preview or Effects bus as well as a bright tally indicator for the on-camera talent.

The Tally Light One includes Velcro mounts or use the optional accessory shoe mount.
The Tally Light One is also compatible* with the tally outputs on the front of the TriCasterTM Studio and Broadcast and our original Tally Light Controllers TLC-1, TLC-2 and TLC-3.

*Only the Tally Light One's Program and Talent LEDs illuminate.

Saturday, October 3, 2009