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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Adobe says Flash Is Dead...

or will be in 2020. But not mourned.

"...Killing Flash is a good thing. The Web will move to more open standards, allowing everyone to see content without using proprietary technologies. Flash had its day, but it’s time to move on."

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Some Advantages of TriCaster Advanced Edition for Sports Production

If you haven't already updated your rig to Advanced Edition here's a list of features that may convince you to go ahead and take the plunge.

Advanced Edition and all the other products mentioned here are available directly from Digital Arts. NewTek also has an amazing bundle deal of Advanced Edition and other software for educational buyers that's too good to pass up. Call us at 1-800-692-6442 to order or for more info.
Integrated instant replay

A new feature they added that's not mentioned in that video is that a replay clip in the DDR can be changed to any of the camera angles after the fact. In other words you can click the button to add a camera 1 clip and then change it to a camera 2 clip after it's in the DDR. Tutorial

You can run this all with the mouse and keyboard but it's easier if you create some macros and even better if you assign the macros to an xKeys controller like this:

Digital Arts sells the XKeys pad w/custom key legends and the TriCaster instant replay macros pre-programmed for $250

More NDI Inputs/Outputs
On a TC460/410/Mini you can have a mix of four normal inputs and up to eight NDI inputs for a total of eight inputs. TC860s and 8000s get twelve total inputs.

The NDI inputs can be any NDI source on the network, things like cameras, software CG programs, other TriCasters, 3Play units, TalkShow or any of the other hundreds of NDI compatible devices and applications. The one you might be most interested in is the Connect Spark which allows any camera to be converted to Wireless NDI.

In addition to the NDI inputs you also have four NDI outputs so you can send various versions of your switch to multiple locations. One common use of this is to provide announcers with an output feed wirelessly using a basic laptop running NDI Monitor (free). Or record the output (ISOCorder - free or ISOCorder Pro) on another computer to free up a record channel on the TC itself so you can use it for instant reply.

More video layers and keys
Advanced edition has four downstream keys and the M/Es can have up to four video layers plus four overlays (TC410 and Mini only get 2 layers and two overlays). This gives you 12 layers of video using only one M/E plus the DSKs. If that's not enough you can feed the output of one M/E into a second to add seven more layers etc.

Judicious use of animated buffers along with something like NewBlueFX's Titler Live Broadcast which can send multiple independent animated graphic feeds via NDI to the TriCaster you can make maximum use of all these layers and build more sophisticated scoreboards with motion graphics to get that modern sheen.

Scoreboards are an easy way to monetize by adding animated sponsor logos.
To help manage all these layers there is a new 'comp' system (TC460, 860 and 8000) that lets you easily set up transitions between graphic states so that multiple elements fade or fly on and off with a single click.  Tutorial

Improved Automation
Integrated DataLink lets you update information on CG pages automatically. The prime sports application of this is bring in scoreboard data using ScoreBot directly from the scoreboard controller so no operator is necessary. You can also bring in stats data from web sites so your stats are always up to date.

NewTek has also made many improvements to the macro system giving you more fine grained control of TriCaster functions.

Improved Streaming - A new encoder with lower overhead, higher maximum resolution and better quality is included.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Panasonic Introduces Native NDI Cameras and Switcher

The NDI explosion continues, now Panasonic is getting on board in a big way. They just announced four new PTZ cameras with integrated NDI the AW-HN38, AW-HN40, AW-UN70 and AW-HN130. Panasonic will also be shipping an NDI compatible switcher the AV-HLC100 this fall.

More Info:
TV Technology
Production Hub

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Case for The TriCaster TC1

The new TriCaster TC1 really opens up the possibilities for live production systems. Because of it's closely integrated NDI and full UHD 4k60p capability along with all the other TriCaster features it simply outperform everything else.

The entire burgeoning NDI Industrial Complex is going to work in your favor. There were two trends I saw at NAB--4K and IP video. Well NewTek is fully committed to 4k with it being fully integrated into all their new products and absolutely owns the IP video space. NDI was everywhere. I'd be walking down some random row of booths in the back side of one of the exhibit halls and look up to see video being fed (via NDI) from NewTek's booth elsewhere in a different building.

Even if you are using a non-TriCaster production switcher there's a pretty good chance it will, sooner rather than later, support NDI and slot right into the rest of the NDI ecosystem. Ross, Broadcast Pix, LiveStrem Studio, StreamStar, vMix all ether support or have announced support for NDI.

Need lots of inputs? The TC1 is expandable to 16 external inputs.

Need 4K? No problem it's there already and you get all the TriCaster features your used to, the M/Es, the overlays, the DVEs, the Virtual Sets, and the recording channels. Even while using UHD.

Integrated Skype allows you to bring in up to two Skype callers directly. If you need more NewTek has two different TalkShow models to expand the number of simultaneous callers.

Two channels of (up to) 4k streaming. Send two distinct streams simultaneously to multiple CDNs. This allows you to have different data rates, different branding even entirely different program material being sent.

Need to stream to many users on your internal LAN? The NewTek MediaDS four channel media server is a powerful yet easy to use option. Plug it into the network, fill in a simple configuration page connect up to four video sources (SDI or via NDI) and you can stream programs securely on you own intranet using the industry standard Wowsa Server. No complicated IT setup required.

NDI allows you to distribute the production process across your network. It's easy to bring in cameras from a secondary location, send feeds anywhere, and record or playback from remote locations on the network. And with the announcement of the NewTek NDIHX-PTZ1 native NDI PTZ camera and the Connect Spark NDI converter this has become even easier. Since the TriCaster has both NDI and SDI capability you can have it all.

Basic Instant replay functionality is built into the TriCaster but you can also easily integrate NewTek 3Play Instant Replay Units into the system for expanded capabilities. World class replay for a fraction of the cost of an EVS system.

Are graphics your thing? We've got four down stream keyers, four zero latency re-entrant M/Es (each with four sources and four overlay channels), five media servers, ten animated players, five still buffers and a sophisticated preset system that lets you animate just about any of those sources.

Basic CG is built in but for even more sophisticated images add a third party CG like our favorite NewBlue FX Titler Live Broadcast. For the ultimate get a NewTek NVG1 with Vizrt Viz Trio and Viz Engine for state of the art real-time 3D graphics.

The bottom line is NewTek has yet again set the price-performance bar that everyone else is going to be trying to clear. I think NewTek may actually be a couple of years ahead of the rest of the industry.

Call Digital Arts for more info on the entire NewTek product line or to schedule a live online demo. 1-800-692-6442.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

NewTek NDI 3.0

Today NewTek also announced the 3rd generation Network Device Interface (NDI). While completely backwards compatible with previous implementations of NDI the new release has several big improvements:

  • General improvements in encoding performance and efficiency gains.
  • High Efficiency mode (NDI|HX). Allows full quality HD video over low bandwidth links like WiFi.
  • Support for Pan Tilt Zoom control data.
  • Multicast support. This Allows a single video data stream to go to multiple destinations reducing network bandwidth requirements.
As NewTek's Andrew Cross says "R.I.P. SDI".

Call us today and we can help you figure out how an NDI IP based production environment can make your life easier.

Other announcements:
Connect Spark

More Info: Digital Arts 1-800-692-6442

Connect Spark and NDIHX-PTZ1 Availability

NewTek says they will ship August 1st. I'm sure they will be back ordered pretty quickly so get you orders in ASAP.

Digital Arts 1-800-692-6442

Links to the product pages at Digital Arts:

NewTek Connect Spark

In the media (watch for updates here):
TV Tech Globa
Creative Planet


Connect Spark

NewTek Connect Spark

NewTek just announce the new Connect Spark. The Sparks are Ethernet/WiFI NDI 3.0 converter boxes.

Simply connect your standrd HD camera and make it's video available via NDI on your network.

Available in both an HDMI and an SDI version they support up to 1080P (3G) video. Equipped with the latest version of Netwok Device Protocol (NDI) they have the new ultra efficient NDI|HX encoding so you can actually send full resolution/frame rate HD video across a standard WiFi connection.

If you prefer a wired signal the Spark also has a gigabit Ethernet port for direct connection to your network.

The Spark also sports analog audio (3.5mm phone) jacks, built in program and preview tally lights, video pass through, and a web based user interface for configuration and monitoring.

The most unexpected feature is the Micro SD slot so you can do a local recording of the camera. Alternately you can connect a USB drive for local recording. Recording is controlled via the web interface.

In addition to being compatible with hundreds of other NDI enabled devices including TriCaster, Livestream Studio, Streamstar, vMix, Wirecast and more using the included drive software you can use the Spark directly with popular desktop video apps like Google Hangouts, Skype, GoToMeeting WebEx and Zoom.

And as always they are available from Digital Arts. Call us at 1-800-692-6442 to place an order or to get more information.

NewTek NDIHX-PTZ1 Camera

The latest announcement from NewTek is the new NDIHZ-PTZ1 robotic camera. I'm pretty sure this is the worlds first native NDI camera. It can connect over Ethernet to hundreds of devices, systems and application that supports the NDI (Network Device Interface).

Video, Audio, Control, Tally and Power on one Ethernet Cable!

A quick rundown of the features:

  • Native support for HD video formats up to 1080p 60 
  • Integrated and automatic tally support via NDI 
  • Motor-driven pan-tilt-zoom operation with preset positions 
  • Remote control & monitoring via Web-based user interface 
  • Remote control over IP via NewTek Studio Monitor 
  • Remote capture & recording via NewTek Studio Monitor 
  • Power over Ethernet via POE+ (802.3at) or included DC 12V 1A external supply 
  • Included Mounting bracket
  • 20x Optical Zoom 
  • NDI|HX, 3G-SDI an HDMI outputs
  • 3.5mm Audio Line Input
  • Compatible with professional and prosumer production solutions including NewTek live production systems and third-party video switchers, as well as software-based video tools like Livestream Studio, OBS, Streamstar SW, Telestream Gameshow and Wirecast, VidBlaster, vMix, XSplit, and all other NDI-compatible products (NDI version 2.0 or higher) 
  • Compatible with popular desktop video applications via NDI|HX driver, including Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, and more
Available from Digital Arts, call us at 1-800-692-6442 to place an order or to get more info.