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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TriCaster Studio Price Cut

As of Monday NewTek was no longer accepting orders for the TriCaster Pro - surprise! The good news is that the TriCaster Studio's list price will be reduced to $8995 as of September 6th. The educational price will be reduced to an amazing $4995.

If you purchased a Pro or Studio after August 1st contact us about special offers from NewTek.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pre-release TCXD850 used for ESPN X-Games production

The X-Games 16 Los Angeles production team used several TriCaster TCXD850s to produce extensive coverage of events for display on large screens throughout the venue. Their reviews are positive.

“With each update to the TriCaster, we see features and benefits that we suggested,” she says. “It is great to give feedback and then see that taken seriously in the product-development process. In some ways, the XD850 feels like a custom X Games model, since it has almost everything our engineers and operators have asked for.”

Read the whole story over at SVG

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TriCaster TCXD850 Update

NewTek missed the scheduled release date of July 15th but looks like we are on the verge of customer units shipping. Early production units are currently shipping as demo units to dealers (Digital Arts should have one very soon) and shipments to end users should commence in a matter of weeks.

The TCXD850 will ship with lots of new features beyond what was demoed at NAB take a look at this for more detail see the Feature Update PDF. But some highlights:

  • Frame Buffers for virtual inputs and overlay channels. Now each of these sources can have their own still store/titler. This effectively adds ten still/titling modules to the existing sources independent of the media players.
  • The 'video output formerly known as Video Output 3' has been renamed AUX, can now be freely assigned to Program Out, Program without overlays, preview row, effects row any fra,e buffer or any camera input.
  • Optional Aux output recording
  • Alpha Channel Input support
  • Livematte 3.0 with independent crop
  • Native 1080P support
  • More