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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Roy Disney Dies at 79

A sad day.

TriCaster XD300 Officially Released

NewTek has released the new TriCaster XD300 today. Digital Arts has a demo unit and we will be set up to do demos soon (I've got to learn how to use it!). Lot's of cool new features over and above the original five TriCaster models. It's way more than just a HD TriCaster , in fact, it may be the most sophisticated HD switcher around. Certainly for the price it has no peers.

More info is available on the Digital Arts web site's TriCaster XD300 page

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Take An Independent Film Break

Some cool short films by my friend documentary filmmaker James Grey.

Granite Gardens - Juxtaposes an abandoned cemetery in New York with skyscrapers, a little spooky.
MissionFOTO In The Field - Overview of some of James's recent work

A short documentary about MissionFOTO

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

TriCaster Power Up Extension

The date in which a customer who qualifies for either the TriCaster Upgrade Guarantee or the Power Up Promotion can exercise their option to purchase a TCXD300 has been extended until February 23, 2010.
However, the date in which a TriCaster PRO, STUDIO, or BROADCAST must be
purchased in order to qualify for either promotion remains December 23,
Get the whole scoop from NewTek's site