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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade Your TriCaster To Advanced Edition

Every TriCaster Mini, 410, 460, 860 and 8000 is eligible for the Advanced Edition Upgrade.

Many TC455s and 855s can be upgraded to 460/860 and then on to Advanced Edition. Call us with your serial number and we can check to see if yours is eligible.

On to the list--

10) Hundreds of small improvements, tweaks and new features, like CS button lock out and blue gun only mode for adjusting monitors. Tons of UI enhancements like new visual indicators, updated shortcuts and hover tool-tips.

9) Add transitions between clips in DDR. The DDRs also get more robust editing features like trimming and clip splitting.

8) Audio improvements - New routing controls simplify setup and reduce chances of errors. Dante audio networking. Noise gates. Updated VU meters.

7) Built-in DataLink - Update CG externally or even automatically from external data sources like, scoreboard controllers, databases , RSS feeds, and web browsers.

6) New streaming encoder - Supports higher resolution, simpler configuration and lower overhead. Legacy modes are still available.

5) Auto color correction - Helps keep all your cameras color matched even when lighting conditions change.

4) More sophisticated macros - Run external macros, create multi-step macros (pause until cued) or even trigger macros automatically when certain switcher functions are used e.g. run a macro whenever a particular source is selected on the program bus.

3) Vastly Improved M/Es & Keyers - On the 460 and 860 you get four keyers in the M/Es and the keyers now include border effects. M/Es also include Augmented reality so you can load a graphic element into a virtual set using the M/E's key and "stick" it in place e.g. create a custom logo graphic and affix it to the front of the virtual desk so it will remain in place even if you zoom or pan the set. The M/E's themselves now support four layer effects so with the keyers you get a total of eight layers in each M/E. But wait there's more, the M/Es are now re-entrant i.e you can use the output of one M/E as an input in a second one. The main switcher also gets a couple of extra downstream keys for a total of four.

The Mini and 410 also get improvements to their M/Es but don't get the re-entrant feature, are limited to two layer effects and only get one extra keyer for a total of two.

The TC8000 gets all the new M/E features that it didn't already have like Border effects and Augmented reality.

2) Instant replay functionality - Add clips (from any record stream) to the DDR with a single click with the ability to change camera angles after-the-fact. The new real-time editing tool in the DDR make it easy to trim and split clips to create highlight reels.

1) Advanced IP workflow (NDI) Is here! - Send and receive real-time low, latency video over IP, expands the number of sources and outputs on the TriCaster. The Advanced Edition TriCasters now have up to eight NDI input channels (twelve on the 860!) and four discrete output streams that can be routed to any of the physical or NDI outputs. Hundreds of manufacturers are on board for industry wide support. NewTek, PTZ Optics and JVC have all announced native NDI cameras.

Some 2 min. Tutorials on Advanced Edition

Advanced Edition is available From Digital Arts 1-800-692-6442

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

More Complete NewTek PTZ1 Tech Specs released