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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fun With Macros Episode 1

You know those annoying squeezes they do to the credit rolls in movies on TV so they can show previews of the next program. Well here's how to do them yourself with a TriCaster:

This works on current Proline TriCasters using an M/E with or without Advanced Edition. You can do something similar on older TriCasters (450/455 etc.) using a DSK but it's not as flexible and you don't have macros.

  1. In an M/E (in Mix mode) load one of the DVEs from the 'Expand' folder.
  2. Select your two sources on the 'A' and 'B' buses in the M/E.
  3. Assign the T-Bar to the M/E using the 'ME' button in the lower right hand corner of the controller. On the Mini use the 'Switcher Delegate' on the CS for this.
  4. Put the DVE in reverse mode by pushing the 'Select' knob down on the controller.
  5. Pull the T-Bar smoothly half way down.
  6. See the 'A' source squeeze as per the selected DVE revealing the 'B' source.
  7. Record this as a macro for ease of use.