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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

iVGA for OSX

iVGA™ for Apple® OS X, is now available. This new version of iVGA supports the latest Apple operating system, and provides the ability to deliver graphics and content (including Keynote®), using a Mac® computer as a switcher input, to your TriCaster™ or VT[5]. Registered owners may download the file at:


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tally Lights Explained

Kris is now famous on YouTube!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

NewTek Sweeps NAB Awards

Videography Magazine Vidy Award
NewBay Media's Broadcast & Video Group of products, which also includes,, Digital Video Expo, and the Creative Planet Communities, is uniquely poised to recognize the full spectrum video technology on display here at NAB. A select panel of engineers, editors, and production and post professionals joined the magazine staff to judge the Best of Show Vidy Awards for Videography.

The Best of Show Vidy Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the advancement of the art and science of video technology. The Videography Vidy Awards is the longest-running NAB awards program.

TV Technology Star Award
2010 marks the 10th anniversary of TV Technology's STAR Awards. The STAR Award (for Superior Technology Award Recipient) are designed to celebrate and showcase the preeminent technological innovations available to the media industry. A panel of judges consisting of TV Technology editors and columnists reviewed a variety of products and services, examined the technical applications and their overall contribution to the industry, and then submitted their award nominees. The 3Play won a STAR award last year.

DV Magazine Black Diamond Award 
The Black Diamond Awards recognize the best products making their debut at the NAB Show, specifically those that will appeal to our readership of independent video professionals.  

Thursday, April 15, 2010

NewTek Artisan Technolgy Preview

NewTek briefly demoed a new program they are working on called Artisan that lets you customize live sets. Keep in mind that LiveSet Artisan is a technology demo at this time and details are sparse and all details are subject to change. No ship date was announced. Artisan is likely to only work with the TCXD line of HD TriCasters.

The following is from NewTek's John Perkins

LiveSet Artisan loads new LiveSets that have been specifically designed to be modified.

Highlights of some current functionality:
  • Per angle control of min/max zoom position and zoom level
  • Enable/Disable set pieces. (desks, monitors, etc.)
  • Place the talent within the set.
  • Change the color of selected objects within the scene to match your color scheme.
  • Change/remove logos on 3D objects in the scene (flat or curved surfaces)
  • Position/size/rotate/add adjustable transparency to logos
  • Adds surface attributes to your own logos (texture, specularity, diffusion) so that they blend into the scene properly
  • Add/remove shadows on objects
  • Replace video objects with "burned in" images, save a stills player
  • Replace "outside" window shots with your own
  • Burn in bugs/logos/titles that do not zoom with the set, saving another stills player
  • Create custom double box and other simple foreground/mid/background LiveSets using standard image files from any application

And in all cases, shadows, reflections and multiple angles are kept in sync so you don't have to manually match up changes.

NewTek at NAB The Video

The demo starts at about 3:40

More TCXD850 details

  • 22-channel switcher with eight digital or analog inputs, two DDRs, two network inputs, titles, stills and eight virtual/mix channels
  • Advanced overlay capabilities include rotation, positioning and scaling in 3D plus animated effects
  • New live virtual sets in HD include double box effects with options for stand-up and one or two presenters
  • Photorealistic LiveMatte™ virtual sets system with advanced matte generation and spill suppression for every switcher input
  • Two network inputs deliver graphics from LiveText™, presentations from a PC or Mac® using iVGA™ or other computer sources to the switcher or overlay channels
  • Simultaneous monitoring of all switcher inputs at full field-rate and signal integrity verification with color Waveform/Vectorscopes
  • Using any combination of either embedded digital, AES or the16 balanced analog XLR audio inputs to bring in microphones, stereo or quad line level sources
  • Audio mixing capabilities with audio follows video support and auxiliary routing to integrate into an external audio setup
  • HDMI and VGA program outputs for projector (IMAG) or other monitoring applications
  • 36 hours of 1080i recording capacity that can be extended by using the three removable drive bays
  • Three video output rows provide flexible simultaneous HD and SD video output
  • Durable rack mount 4U case with redundant power supply 

1) LIVE PRODUCTION provides control of an entire multi-channel HD production. Connect up to eight HD or standard definition (SD) cameras, digital or analog audio, and go live with simultaneous output to video, projector and the Web.
2) LIVE VIRTUAL SETS in HD give you the flexibility of expansive, professional sets even though your location may have limited space. With live, multi-camera smooth zooming, show your talent in a network-style studio without the need for a camera operator or expensive motion control system. Sets include double box effects with options for stand-up and one or two presenters.
3) ON-SCREEN MONITORS let you select shots with confidence. Displays include cameras, clips and iVGA™ networked computer inputs, along with the ability to send all monitors to a second display, and enlarge your workspace.
4) PREVIEW AND PROGRAM MONITORS let you display titles or a transition on-screen, while showing what source is up next. Innovative color Waveform Monitors and Vectorscopes ensure perfect signal quality for your live production.
5) ADVANCED VIDEO SWITCHER gives you unprecedented control over all inputs. Select a live output on Preview, and use either the on-screen T-bar or the optional LC-11 hardware to transition easily from one source to another. Versatile production tools such as Virtual Inputs and dual downstream keys provide the ability to easily create dynamic overlays and graphics.
6) VIDEO TRANSITIONS add interest and impact to your live production. Use any of the 200-plus HD broadcast-quality effects to transition from one source to another and fly titles and inserts on and off screen.
7) LIVE TITLES give you a broadcast look with graphics, titles and animated overlays on top of your live video. Lock a title or bug to a camera or virtual input and set the in and out motion for each.
8) ONE-BUTTON INTERNET STREAMING allows you to use Adobe® Flash® or Windows Media® to deliver a live stream directly to the Web, in 720p HD and other streaming profiles with simultaneous archive for later viewing. ONE BUTTON RECORDING captures your live production as a full HD resolution video file.
9) AUDIO MIXING gives you complete control over microphones, line inputs and clip playback levels. You can also adjust input trim levels for the best possible audio. In addition, the system provides both AES and embedded digital audio for pristine sound.
10) DIGITIAL MEDIA PLAYERS include two DDRs for video playback, titles, stills, music and sound, making it easy to add video clips and imagery to your production, as well as auto-insert clips captured during a live event for immediate playback. HD and SD resolutions are supplied in a variety of popular file formats.
11) VIRTUAL INPUTS provide eight customized inputs to configure virtual sets, layer live elements, assign titles, set upstream picture-in-picture elements and much more. These settings can be used as templates for easy creation of other mix effects, and are instantly available in the preset bin along the left.

Monday, April 12, 2010

TCXD850 Pix


 The TriCaster Mini Cooper:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

TriCaster TCXD850 Unveiled!

NewTek unveiled the newest TriCaster the TCXD850 at NAB. It's a pretty amazing machine; eight SDI/Component/Composite/S-Video inputs, two DDRs, three HD/SD SDI outputs, three HD/SD Component outs. NewTek hasn't neglected the audio section either with sixteen XLR mic/line inputs, eight AES/EBU digital inputs and up to eight embedded SDI audio channels.

The video is processed internally in 32 bit floating point 4:4:4:4 along with four channels of 32 bit floating point 96kHz audio. You can mix SD and HD sources and record up to 36 hours of 1080i HD video to the three removable hard drives.

The switcher also has eight virtual/mix channels that let you mix two sources along with overlays or virtual sets. The main DSK has two independent keys with positioning, scaling, cropping and 3D rotation. All sources have on-screen previews The switcher is rounded out with two iVGA inputs, a still store and titles.

The TriCaster TCXD850 includes SpeedEDIT 2.0 and the LiveText CG. It's all housed in a 4U rack mount box with all the I/O connections on the back. I got a peek inside and this looks to be the best built machine ever from NewTek, nice and tidy.

Oh, the price - $24,995. The projected ship date - July 15. That was a stunner. It doesn't look like we will have to wait six months for it ship.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

NAB Preview and First Quarter Summary

Long time no post!

NAB is once again upon us, NewTek looks to have some new product up their sleeve - maybe a big brother for the TCXD300, I don't know exactly but I've been promised it will be cool. If you can make it to Vegas you should go, NewTek is sweetening the pot with $60,000 of prizes (a TCXD300 everyday) simply register at the booth or at the Live Production Mini parked in front of the South Hall.

First Quarter 2010 is turning out to be full of win for Newtek. TriCasters are everywhere, ESPN Winter X Games, NBA All Star Week, Pro Soccer, The Morgan's Wonderland Opening, LG Fashion Week, Miss Teen USA, Bill Cosby Townhall, MTV, and too many big time video blogs and web TV shows to list.

Lightwave was used to create the VAD real-time environment during the production of Avatar. NewTek then hired Rob Powers who was Avatar's Animation Technical Director and Visual Art Dept. Supervisor to be director of Entertainment and Media Development. So expect to see even more of Lightwave in movies.

SpeedEDIT 2.0 was released, updates were released for 3Play, TCXD300 and the long awaited VT5.3 patch was also released.

If you are going to be in Vegas April 12 - 15 and want to meet up just give us a call at 1-800-692-6442. That number will also be being forwarded to a cell phone while we are out of town.