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Thursday, April 15, 2010

NewTek Artisan Technolgy Preview

NewTek briefly demoed a new program they are working on called Artisan that lets you customize live sets. Keep in mind that LiveSet Artisan is a technology demo at this time and details are sparse and all details are subject to change. No ship date was announced. Artisan is likely to only work with the TCXD line of HD TriCasters.

The following is from NewTek's John Perkins

LiveSet Artisan loads new LiveSets that have been specifically designed to be modified.

Highlights of some current functionality:
  • Per angle control of min/max zoom position and zoom level
  • Enable/Disable set pieces. (desks, monitors, etc.)
  • Place the talent within the set.
  • Change the color of selected objects within the scene to match your color scheme.
  • Change/remove logos on 3D objects in the scene (flat or curved surfaces)
  • Position/size/rotate/add adjustable transparency to logos
  • Adds surface attributes to your own logos (texture, specularity, diffusion) so that they blend into the scene properly
  • Add/remove shadows on objects
  • Replace video objects with "burned in" images, save a stills player
  • Replace "outside" window shots with your own
  • Burn in bugs/logos/titles that do not zoom with the set, saving another stills player
  • Create custom double box and other simple foreground/mid/background LiveSets using standard image files from any application

And in all cases, shadows, reflections and multiple angles are kept in sync so you don't have to manually match up changes.

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