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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TriCaster to Stream Criss Angel Imploding

We'll, actually Criss Angel's attempt to escape the SpyGlass Resort in Clearwater Florida before it implodes. The live webcast or A&E's Mindfreak hosted by Tim Vincent will be at both and Wednesday, July 30.

The Local ABC Affiliate:
Large video screens will provide a feed of the TV coverage. Illusionist Criss Angel will attempt to leave the building in time before the strategically placed explosives fire off destroying the building's columns. If all works as planned the building will collapse on to itself. At the same time, Criss Angel will be taken away to safety after he escapes his binds.

Criss Angel does some pretty freaky stuff so I'm sure this will go beyond the escape-from-straight-jacket-and-run-out sort of thing.

And look for my hands on review of NewTek's LiveText tomorrow. I'll try to get that posted early in the day.

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