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Friday, August 22, 2008

TriCaster 2.0 Update - Update

NewTek is shipping an update to the TriCaster 2.0 software. It includes three new LiveSets and mysteriously removes two of the old ones, NewsNight and MorningShow. NewTek "no longer authorizes their use".

TriCaster 2.0 owners can go to the registration site to log in and download the new software or use the 'Check for Software Updates' funtction on their TriCasters. The update is for TriCaster, TriCaster Pro, TriCaster Studio and TriCaster Broadcasts running the 2.0 Software.

New Feature list:

  • Improved Video File Compatibility
    Video recorded to the hard drive is now compatible with a wider variety of applications, with MPEG Layer 2 audio now encoded into the MPG file. MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) audio is also recorded as a separate file that can be used within non linear editors that do not support embedded audio in MPEG files. Apple Mac users that cannot play files written by the TriCaster, may require a QuickTime update, or a third party MPEG decoder. For more information on the former, please visit :
  • Improved Video Recording Quality
    Video files captured and rendered to disk have improved encoded chroma quality. Additional improvements have been made to the quality of files recorded in PAL.
  • Improved Quality of Text Scrolls and Crawls in Edit Media
    The motion is now much smoother with CG pages using scrolls and crawls at slower speeds.
  • iVGA Output Quality
    The quality of the scaling and de-fielding performed for iVGA when displayed on a SD resolution video output monitor has been significantly improved.
  • LiveSet Update
    The collection of LiveSet™ virtual sets that are included with TriCaster™ products has recently been updated. This update features three new LiveSets entitled MiddayReport™, WorldUpdate™ and NewsLine™. All three of the new LiveSets will also include Double Box effects to complement each new set design.

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