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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The ol' Burrito Bump

A guy in South Dakota says to me that he was in the control room at an Iowa Hawkeyes football game and they have a promo called Bump The Burrito that plays on the jumbotron where someone on the crew can bounce the image of a burrito keyed over a shot of fans in the stands giving the appearance that the fans were bumping the burrito up and down. Then he asks how can I do this with my TriCaster Pro.

Well, I like a challenge so I came up with three ways that you might be able to pull off something like this on a TriCaster.

  1. Completely canned animation with an alpha channel of the burrito bouncing up and down in time with music and the fans can just sync themselves to the animation using the driving burrito beat as a guide. Just route the DDR to the Overlay.
  2. Same animation, no music this time, but shuttled back and forth in the DDR for manual bumping control. Again route the DDR to the overlay.
  3. Burrito picture in paint program on another computer. Burrito picked up as brush (attached to the mouse pointer) solid color background for chroma key. Then use iVGA to grab screen from secondary computer, use LiveMatte to chroma key and crop then put the Ext (iVGA) input on Live bus, shot of fans on Effects Bus. Burrito operator bounces burrito as desired.
Use this information wisely.

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