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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NewTek Announces the 3Play

Hot on the heels of the Lightwave Core announcement comes the news of NewTek's first High Def product the 3Play. The 3Play is a three channel HD/SD instant replay box with a list price of only $21,995. It allows the user to record three incoming streams of video. The magic is that the three streams are synchronized at all times. This means you can record the three streams, while doing a non-destructive, live, cuts only edit. But then you can go back later and re-edit the footage. This makes the 3Play an amazingly powerful HD field recorder.

I will have more details later and Digital Arts will have a demo unit soon. NewTek is doing a live stream to officially unveil the 3Play on February 13. You can sign up here.

Update: Read my Hands On Review

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