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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flash - All New Low cost HD TriCaster - TriCaster 40

NewTek just announce the newest member of the TriCaster family the TriCaster 40.

TriCaster 40 Features Set:
4 HD/SD analog video inputs; component (HD & SD), Y/C (SD), composite (SD)
Stereo audio in
Microphone in
Stereo audio Out
Headphone jack
Two video outputs (one at the session resolution the other a dedicated SD output)

1 DDR for video playback
2 DSKs down stream Keyers for overlays
2 Network Inputs (inputs for computers, 3Plays, LiveText or Apple AirPlay)
2 Title/Still Player
4 Virtual Inputs w/LiveSets and up-stream key
Record Program Video to Hard Drive
Built in streaming encoder

Basically the 40 has most of the software features (doesn't include LiveText or SpeedEDIT.) of the TC300 plus an extra input and a second Network Input for $4995. That's right half the price of the TriCaster 300!

The TC40 is Shipping Now.
A new control surface will be available but no ship date has been announced. I'll post more on it as info becomes available.

Designed to be easy to setup and portable but provide professional level features and performance.

Now just because your on a budget you don't have to settle for standard def or some complicated, half baked solution. You can get real TriCaster power and ease of use.

The TC 40 shares a software platform with the TC455, 855 and 8000 and has a similar user interface. This makes it a good choice as a backup unit for the 855.

The shared platform across the line also allows NewTek to more easily develop updates in the future.

Both the TriCaster Studio and 300 are being discontinued so if for some reason you must have one of those models call us immediately.

I can hear you now "What's the catch?" Or "how did NewTek add an input but cut the price in half?"

  • No video editor included. - Standalone SpeedEDIT is available.
  • No CG editor included - It comes with hundreds of templates but you'll need to purchase LiveText if you want to create your own.
  • No SDI - Most cameras that the target user of the TriCaster 40 can afford don't have SDI anyway.
  • No HDMI - While most inexpensive cameras have an HDMI output it's not appropriate for long cable runs. But if you need to (your camera doesn't have component outputs) you can convert HDMI to analog component for about $50 a camera.

All in all, for the money, the 40 is the most powerful and complete live production suite available.


Anonymous said...

How does an HD camera get connected?

Jeff Cupp said...

Using the Hd component inputs. All but the lowest end HD cameras have component outputs but some will require an optional cable.

If you have a camera that only has HDMI outputs you can get an HDMI to Component converter for under $50.