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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Multi-Channel TalkShow Announced

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NewTek just announced the new TalkShow® VS 4000! a professional, multi=channel video calling production system. It supports both SDI and NDI workflows. Taking advantage of Skype TX 4 it's  big improvement over the original TalkShow; more flexible and scalable.

Dr. Andrew Cross president and CTO of NewTek:

“Incorporating multiple remote video guests into a production typically required broadcasters and media organizations to consume valuable time, effort and resources coordinating the travel or technology, With NewTek TalkShow VS 4000, they can integrate Skype video calls with any combination of contacts they can reach online, simultaneously or in sequence, for compelling live conversation, expert analysis, real-time commentary and in-depth discussion—in distraction-free, broadcast-quality HD.”
“Reducing the control room footprint, saving costs and finding better ways for broadcasters and media partners to interact with their audiences are common goals we set with NewTek,” said Eugene Ho, partner director of Product Management for Skype. “We met these goals with Skype TX 4, in combination with the NewTek TalkShow VS 4000, a flexible and scalable solution that offers the ability to stream multiple studio-grade Skype video calls simultaneously. This makes it even easier for broadcasters to interact in real-time with over 300 million Skype users wherever they are, with whatever device they choose.”
It handles four incoming Skype calls and offers proc amp, white balance, advanced color configuration and automatic color correction, gain, graphic equalizer, compressor/limiter and noise gate controls.

Should be available sometime 2nd quarter, list price is $7995. More info at

To arrange a TalkShow® demo give Digital Arts  a call at 1-800-692-6442

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