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Friday, May 30, 2008

TriCaster Studio 2.0 Update

NewTek has released a patch for the new 2.0 software:

In keeping with its tradition of aggressively improving products, NewTek is happy to announce the first update for the next generation TriCaster™. The update adds new features while improving work-flow and stability. While all new units will come with this version of the software installed, this update is designed for TriCaster BROADCAST™ or any TriCaster STUDIO™ shipped between May 12 and May 28. If you are not sure whether this update is installed, go to the Admin panel and check for updates, which will automatically contact the NewTek web site and report whether or not you have the latest version.

New work-flow enhancements include:
• When recording live productions, or using the capture media tab, in addition to an MPEG-2 interleaved audio video file, a separate MP3 file will also be generated. This file includes an exact copy of the audio data that is included in the MPEG-2 file. If you are using Apple® Final Cut® this will allow you to import TriCaster media without the required, tedious step of first extracting the audio streams from the video file.
• TriCaster will now shut down, restart and log off much faster.
• Some extra checks are performed on start-up ensuring that TriCaster is less likely to give you problems.
• The “Safe Initialization” script is improved to exit without warnings if you choose to log off the computer.

The stability improvements are:
• There was a situation in the Capture Media tab where analog audio might be muted when recording.
• There was a potential when using a user created title template exported from the Edit Text tab with gradients on the text that could cause the TriCaster to restart.

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