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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

An interesting Idea

Ted Ruiz a long time VT and TriCaster user postulates on a couple of different forums that one way that some independent film makers might be able to get their movies made would be to do multi-camera, live switched shoots. This could reduce costs etc.

An interesting idea and it sure triggered some interesting conversation on both NewTek's forum and Yahoo Groups. My favorite comment (emphases added):

"...Every single shot of a film is in and of itself of piece of art. If
you have ever shot a film or been on set you would quickly realize the reason your senses come alive in the theater is becasue of the pains taking appoach to each and every shot, angle, line of dialouge, lighting, lenses, etc, etc, etc..."
Chris Skala
LifeStyle Video
I guess I go to the wrong movies!

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