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Thursday, June 5, 2008

...You Can Dodge a Ball

See this post Opportunities Abound and Part One.

Part one had some sports ideas but for the wedding guy how about Fashion shoots for the Bride, she paid six grand for the dress and all anyone in the church is going to get a good look at is the back of it. SloMo, SoftFocus, Fantasy Locations (did someone say virtual set?) let Uncle Charlie with his Digital8 camera match that.

Switch the ceremony live (or edit on your laptop) and show highlights at the reception. If you're going to edit, tapeless camcorders are the way to go. If your switching the thing live anyway you might as well stream it so the family on the other coast can see it even if they can't afford the flight.

In general move upscale, everyone has a camcorder and every computer that leaves WalMart has editing software installed, you can't compete with that by lowering your prices. This goes for a lot of the event videography gigs, if you set up a single camera in the back of the hall for the dance recital your video is going to be a snooze and the parents aren't going to pop thirty bucks for it. You've got to add production value.

Funerals are another growth market for streaming. Team up with the local funeral homes, they can do the marketing and billing for you. Making it a pretty simple gig.

More ideas as they pop into my head.

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