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Thursday, October 2, 2008

VT[5.2] Is Shipping!

VT 5.2 is shipping. You can download it from
It's 469 MB so don't even think about it unless you have a fast connection.

Live Production Enhancements

  • Title Templates – added support for DataLink™
  • CG Designer™
    • performance and reliability enhancements
      • New ToasterScript commands:
      • ExportSelectedPageToTemplate()
      • ExportProjectToTemplate()
      • ExportSelectedPageToTemplateFile()
      • ExportSelectedPageToLiveSet()
      • ExportProjectToLiveSet()
      • ExportSelectedPageToLiveSetFile()
  • DDR
    • enhanced file readers, including Apple® QuickTime™ 7 support
    • Scrubbing performance significantly improved
  • VGA - Support for remote application sources such as LiveText™
  • Capture - record I-frame MPEG-2 clips, with optional separate MP3 audio.
  • Streaming - Video for Windows driver improvements
  • Control Surfaces – Added support for TimeWarp™ and LiveControl™ LC-11
  • LiveSet Update™ The collection of LiveSet™ virtual sets that is included with VT™ has been updated. This update features four new LiveSets entitled MiddayReport™, WorldUpdate™, NewsLine™ and SkyBox™. The new LiveSets will replace NewsNight™ and MorningShow™. Three of the new LiveSets (MiddayReport™, WorldUpdate™, NewsLine™) also include Double Box effects to complement the new set design.
Post Production Additions
  • SpeedEDIT™ CG Post™ – performance and reliability enhancements
  • SpeedEDIT VT - improvements in the file readers, including Apple(R) QuickTime™ 7 support, capture driver improvements, TriCaster™ 2.0 project support and MPEG-I frame video files
  • VT Driver - improvements for greater reliability while reducing system resources
  • Improvements - various bug fixes affecting live production, post production and control
I'll be posting a review in a few days

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