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Thursday, October 2, 2008

VT[5.2] Update Day 1

OK, the long awaited 5.2 update has been out for about 24 hours now and here's the latest status:

Some users are reporting difficulties installing the patch. It seems under certain circumstances some DLLs are "in use" and can't be overwritten. This can be worked around by killing the winrtme process in the task manager before installing.

On some systems after the upgrade the RS-8 stops working. At least in some cases you can uninstall a human interface controller in the device manager then re-plug in the RS-8 and plug and play will properly install the driver.

Also be aware that the patch nukes the VT[5] folder so any customizations or presets will be deleted.

Other than these two minor install issues no show stopper bugs have appeared as VT[5.2] was pretty thoroughly beta tested. But as always if you are in the middle of or about to start some critical project I'd hold off on installing the update for a few days to let the early adopters and NewTek work out any problems.

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