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Monday, April 10, 2017

It's a Golden Age I Tell Ya...

I haven't been blogging much of late mostly because the business has been so busy but it's NAB season again and new product announcements are starting to fly. NewTek has been busy and I think there may be more announcements coming.

About a year ago I wrote a post called The Tao of NewTek where I looked back on NewTek's history of innovation in the wake of the introduction of NDI. Since then events have proven my point with the release of a bunch of NDI applications, the IP Series aimed at high-end users with up to 44 inputs, the Media DS streaming server, the Talkshow VS4000 multi video call unit. And now the TriCaster TC1 series--NewTek is on a roll.

With the current product line up it's possible to set up the most sophisticated live production system imaginable. The really cool thing is you can start simple and build up capabilities as you need them (or can afford them).

The video entrepreneur can start with a TriCaster Mini or a TC410, add  a few cameras then build up a clientele to get some cash flow going then add an input module or a second TC to expand the system. If you're doing a show that has call ins start with a TC1 with it's integrated Skype inputs and you're good to go. As needs expand so can your system this is the miracle of NDI.

The MediaDS is an under appreciated piece of equipment. Anyone who needs to stream to multiple viewers on their local LAN like schools, hospitals and other facilities can drop a MediaDS on your network, hook up a video source and stream to any number of users. You get the power of the Wowsa streaming server with the ease-of use that NewTek is famous for.

Talkshow is another great thing. You have a choice of the VS100 with a single Skype input or the VS4000 with four and now the TC1's two integrated Skype sources. Add live video call-ins to your show and leverage Microsoft's Skype to your advantage. This is a great way to interact with your audience, bring in remote interview subjects or even co-hosts without regard to geography. Skype is available on every platform so your potential remote guest list is almost unlimited.

So the bottom line is is if you have an idea for a show, be it webcast, or for internal use or for actual broadcast Digital Arts and NewTek can help you make it a reality.

As Tim Jenison, founder of NewTek says "Someday your favorite show will be made by you or someone you know", well the time is NOW--spread the word, get your ideas out there, build an audience the sky's the freakin' limit.

Let's talk: Digital Arts 1-800-692-6442

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