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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Just announced! NewTek TriCaster TC-1

The new NewTek TriCaster TC1 is the most complete production system on earth It's unprecedented power and capability allows the producer to take advantage of both established an emerging workflows to to embrace new technologies to reach their audience wherever they watch.

TC1 Highlights

  • 4 HD/3G SDI inputs  that can be quad linked for a single 4k UHD input
  • Expandable up to 16 inputs via NC1 Modules or other NDI sources
  • 4 HD/3G SDI  outputs (Quad link capable)
  • 2 Balanced Analog (XLR) audio inputs
  • 3 Balanced Analog (1/4" Phone) outputs
  • Up to 16 external inputs on switcher
  • 4 M/E buses with virtual sets
  • 4 DSKs
  • 5 media servers (2 DDRs, 2 GFX, 1 audio)
  • Record 4 MOV video, 2 H.264 video and 1 audio streams simultaneously
  • Dual channel live streaming (2 independent encoders) at up to 4K resolution!
  • 2 channels of integrated Skype input
  • Control 8 PTZ cameras
  • 3 multiviewers

The TC1 is available in two variations the standard TC1 is a 2U rack  unit while the TC1R is a 3U unit with dual redundant power supplies. They otherwise have the same features.
You also have a choice between two different controllers a large 24 source , two stripe controller the TC1LP and a smaller, more compact 14 source, 1.5 stripe controller the TC1Sp.
Two different Input NC1 Studio input modules are available for expansion. The eight input NC1 and the four input NC1 both add additional HD and 4K SDI inputs along with additional analog audio I/O. The SDI inputs on the eight input variant can optionally be ganged to create two Quad Link 4K UHD (SMPTE 2036) inputs.

TC1 Base Bundle (TC1 2U, TC1SP Controller) $19,995
TC1 Plus Bundle (TC1R, TC1SP Controller) $24,995
TC1 Max Bundle (TC1R, NC1-8 Input Module, TC1LP Controller) $39,995
NC1-4 Input Module $5,995
NC1-8 Input Module $9,995

I'll have more details as soon as I get my hands on one.

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